Zelcore is the World's First Gateway for Web3

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Simplifying the consumer decentralized finance experience, the platform empowers users to find, manage, trade and truly own digital assets.

Zelcore has officially launched the world's first Web3 gateway that provides consumers the easiest way to find, manage, trade and truly own their digital assets and information. 

Zelcore opens up the world of Web3 decentralized finance (DeFi) in a consumer-friendly way and gives users the power to maximize their yield. The Zelcore app is immediately available for download on all major desktop platforms, with mobile availability to follow shortly after.

"Zelcore has simplified the complexity of Web3 today for a better user experience tomorrow," said Timothy Tully, CEO of Zelcore. "Unlike centralized exchanges, banks and brokerages, Zelcore gives users full control of their assets, across all major exchanges and protocols. We've architected the first-ever consumer gateway for Web3 that gives users a true DeFi experience. Our multi-asset, multi-wallet platform supports real self-custody and consolidates liquidity, control and access from a single location. No other platform on the market offers this level of user empowerment while also maximizing financial yield."

In today's Web2 world, consumers have online access to multiple accounts with traditional financial institutions. This includes checking accounts and mortgages at banks, retirement accounts at brokerages, and payment accounts at providers like PayPal and Venmo. All of these institutions own a consumer's assets while giving them an IOU in return for control and restricted access.

Centralized crypto services like Coinbase and Celsius are not true Web3 solutions because they maintain custody over consumers' digital assets, leaving them unprotected in the event of bankruptcy. In addition, most wallets support only one cryptocurrency protocol; this forces consumers to create and maintain multiple wallets for multiple assets, much like the Web2-based traditional finance model that limits users to an entity-controlled domain.

Web3 and DeFi change this paradigm by giving consumers self-custody and complete ownership of their digital assets, including cryptocurrency, NFTs and tokenized assets. Zelcore takes it a step further by giving users a single platform to securely explore, buy, trade and independently manage a wide range of assets.

As a true gateway for complete Web3 adoption, Zelcore delivers the best centralized exchange user experience from a single decentralized platform. Its simplified, consistent interface provides access to all significant blockchain utility services and capabilities while offering users full digital asset ownership, management and security. This is enabled by individual control of private keys on a consumer's device. 

A "wallet of wallets," Zelcore enables consumers to manage their crypto portfolio with ease and allocate portions of assets into separate wallets within a single user account.

Zelcore supports more than 60 blockchain protocols, 450+ coins and tokens with the ability to import over 50,000 tokens, the most of any multi-asset wallet. It has indexed more than 1,000 trading pairs to allow consumers to get the best price execution possible.

The Zelcore gateway boasts simplicity and seamless usability. Web3 consumers can easily buy and store crypto, trade and swap assets across a major protocol, and exchange or use a DeFi application. The Zelcore non-custodial wallet was built for interoperability and security, enabling consumers to:

  • Find: Gain complete exposure to the entire blockchain universe.
  • Manage: Store Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana and 450 other coins, all together in a single wallet with a single sign-in.
  • Trade: Buy crypto with ease. Zelcore guides consumers through over 1,000 trading pairs.
  • Truly Own: Access assets and information on their own terms, no permission required.

Zelcore’s Web3 gateway is future-proofed beyond crypto and purpose-built to store assets in music, art, healthcare and real estate all from a single location for easy, secure and powerful access at any time. The future is unfolding now, and it’s all happening on Zelcore. 

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