Common Flux Node Diagnostic Commands

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Flux Node Update Script

As a flux node operator you will need to keep not only your Flux Node components up to date (Fluxbench, Flux OS and Flux Daemon), but also the Linux operating system that is on your host machine. Here is a quick and easy script that you can run that will update your Flux packages, Flux OS and Linux OS.

sudo apt-get update -y && sudo apt-get --with-new-pkgs upgrade -y && sudo apt autoremove -y && cd && cd zelflux && git checkout . && git checkout master && git reset --hard origin/master && git pull && sudo reboot

Copy and paste the above commands into your node's terminal. After it completes successfully the host machine will reboot.

Flux Node Command Line Tools

The Flux packages include a command line tools that you can use to control your Flux node components. These allow you to check things like benchmark results and also allow for flux service controls.

Start Flux daemon: sudo systemctl start zelcash
Stop Flux daemon: sudo systemctl stop zelcash
Help list: flux-cli help

Get info: fluxbench-cli getinfo
Check benchmark: fluxbench-cli getbenchmarks
Restart benchmark: fluxbench-cli restartnodebenchmarks
Stop benchmark: fluxbench-cli stop
Start benchmark: sudo systemctl restart zelcash

Summary info: pm2 info flux
Logs in real time: pm2 monit
Stop Flux: pm2 stop flux
Start Flux: pm2 start flux

Stop watchdog: pm2 stop watchdog
Start watchdog: pm2 start watchdog --watch
Restart watchdog: pm2 reload watchdog --watch
Error logs: ~/watchdog/watchdog_error.log
Logs in real time: pm2 monit

Flux Node Debug and Error Logs

Accessing your Flux node logs is an important step is diagnosing issues with your node if problems arise. When contacting support we will likely ask you to provide us with these debug logs to help you diagnose any issues with your node.

tail -400 ~/.fluxbenchmark/debug.log
tail -400 ~/.flux/debug.log
tail -400 ~/zelflux/debug.log
tail -100 ~/watchdog/watchdog_error.log

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