Zelcore’s FIO Protocol Integration

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Zelcore has recently integrated the FIO Protocol within its platform, to allow users to register FIO handles, send and receive assets more easily, and exchange FIO tokens.

The FIO Protocol

The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) is dedicated towards providing individuals and businesses with easy access to crypto assets thanks to FIO crypto handles which act as convenient, easily readable addresses in the form of user@domain. This mechanism allows users to conduct blockchain transactions in a more practical way compared to classic crypto transfers from one public address to another. That’s because public addresses in their original form are long strings of alphanumeric symbols which can’t be memorized, and it’s easy to make a mistake while copying these addresses from one app to another.

Instead, the FIO Protocol introduced FIO handles that integrate public addresses associated with a specific user domain under a single, easily identifiable handle that allows users to exchange assets and send information between themselves without using the classic public address format. This innovation makes crypto transactions much more practical and eliminates common mistakes such as misspelling of public addresses.

Key Features of the FIO Protocol

FIO’s key mission is to achieve mass adoption of its crypto handle mechanism across crypto wallets and decentralized apps, in order to help build a decentralized, easily usable ecosystem of inter-app connectivity and cross-chain compatibility. That’s why Zelcore has integrated FIO within its platform, in order to provide users with crypto handles that’ll make facilitating transactions much easier between Zelcore users, and between Zelcore and other apps that are compatible with the FIO Protocol. This innovative cross-platform compatibility based on the crypto handle system is the key feature of the FIO Protocol, but there’s even more to the FIO network.

The FIO Protocol uses its own FIO tokens to facilitate blockchain transactions, these tokens act as any other cryptocurrency and allow users to buy, store, and exchange FIO tokens on the market as they wish. FIO is already present on major crypto exchanges such as Binance, AscendEX, and Gate.io, which are integrated within the Zelcore app, which means you can easily trade FIO through Zelcore like a pro.

Since FIO is a Proof-of-Stake based digital currency, users can stake FIO and earn valuable staking rewards for their participation in the FIO network, with just a few clicks.

Zelcore and FIO

Zelcore’s integration of the FIO Protocol marks an important milestone for Zelcore because the platform has joined a growing ecosystem of intercompatible wallets, exchanges, and decentralized apps that support FIO handles, which means that users can utilize them more easily, and facilitate transactions in a more simple fashion than traditional transfers.

Now, Zelcore users can unlock the full potential of FIO handles and simply enter the FIO domain name to which they wish to send a transaction and have tokens transferred in no time, without any hassle. You just need to navigate to the Zelcore Apps menu and choose the FIO Crypto Handle option to get started with creating your own FIO handle.


Zelcore has once again confirmed its dedication towards being the one and only Web3 blockchain browser with true cross-chain compatibility and connectivity in mind. The integration of the FIO protocol within Zelcore is another step on the path towards providing users with access to all the Web3 platforms they need.

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